Alberto Arlandi

Graphic designer, Web developer

Founder of Norma, previously at Systems Studio.

Writer at Gute Process, an online magazine collecting essays on graphic design.
He maintains YBB, the online archive of Yamaha instruments from the 1980s.
His Uniweb project was showcased at the XXI Triennale di Milano in the exhibition "New Craft".

Graduated in communication design with honours at IAAD, Torino. He has been invited to give lectures on the simplicity of web and graphic design at IAAD and Politecnico di Torino.


The Web is sick

And I'm sick of the Web. In 2019 I happily deleted all my social media accounts, I now maintain an Instagram page and a Twitter page for Norma. Cultivating a personal www space on the Web today is an act of rebellion that should be strongly encouraged.

This is a motherfucking website. This page has been "designed", just like any other website. If you think it looks like crap then you're just valuing the quantity time spent designing yours and not the thought that went into it. Besides, it takes about 200ms to open this page, what about yours?

This website is also available on the decentralized hyper web.


Name Description
Yamaha Black Boxes A comprehensive guide to the design language of black boxes with green accents used by Yamaha for all their music equipment starting with the famous DX7 all the way to the early 1990s.
Torino Design A selection of links to the most relevant graphic design studios in Torino, Italy.
Uniweb A grid system for the modern web. Inspired by the Unigrid, a grid system designed by Massimo Vignelli for the NPS.
Come diventare un hacker Italian translation of the famous document written by Eric Steven Raymond about the hacker sub-culture.