a small selection of websites developed for various clients. instead of relying on heavy templates or frameworks, solutions are always tailored to the needs, coding only what’s really necessary.

archivio grafica italiana is the first digital archive dedicated to the italian graphic design heritage. a growing overview to spread and promote the culture of quality that distinguishes the italian design tradition. from the greatest classics to the best contemporary projects, commissioned by italian clients or made by italian designers, to explore and discover the fundamental aesthetic and cultural contribution brought by the italian graphic design all over the world.

the whole website was designed and developed from the uniweb grid, and coded with a custom content management system was developed to allow an easy administration of the complex database which includes projects, designers, firms, clients, photos, biographies and a system of tags for every object available. the detailed tag system is then used by the search engine, so users are encouraged to search for “red”, “poster”, “square” or “1964” for example.

dasprogramm is a unique online resource dedicated to dieter rams designs and other braun products, offering some of the most desirable and important examples of twentieth century industrial design, until now largely unobtainable without travel or e-auction frustration.

the new website, designed by systems, takes advantage of the whole available width on screen, delivering big and beautiful photos inside a neutral interface. colors are used just like in the original braun objects: very bright and just in a few important spots.

again, a custom cms ensures a simple way to add and modify content, resulting in lightweight pages not bloated by frameworks or templates.