sipost servizi innovativi postali

total identity, website development for a small private mail company based in cheri, that provides a broad range of postal services both digital and traditional. 2015

while the main focus of the project was the website, an extensive work was made to create a consistent graphic identity, which was non existent at the time. the red color and the contrast between “si” and “post” are the only elements retained from the old logo.

the new visual standards rely upon the classic combination of helvetica and century, bold and light, red and black or gray. a system of icons to describe all the services was developed as well.

each branch of the company has a custom logotype, all created with the same contrast. and each one has a symbol, used on advertising material on the top right of the page, that describes the activity.

every website owned by the company uses the same design language, based on a sequence of white and red stripes, big saturated photos, and easy to understand copy. the header is exactly the same, to give the impression that navigated space never changes.
shared visual elements means not only consistency for the user, but lighter and easier to maintain code. the grid also remains the same across the whole website, making the design process even faster since it uses only fixed units.

the most complex and interesting part of the website is the order placement system. it allows users to rapidly know the cost of a shipment letting them insert all the details of a package. all the information can then be sent to the postal office which will take care of the rest.

a big database was created to contain even the smallest italian cities so that the final price can be calculated with high precision. the system can be easily accessed from mobile as well. costs can be modified by the administrator at any time thanks to a custom admin page that also allows various news to be published.

thanks to the repetition of basic elements, news published on the website can be easily converted in print form and attached outside the real office.

design assistant: morena cavezzale.
environmental photos courtesy of martina naretto.