a small selection of the best posters made in the last years focused on the correctness of semantics and the design of a culturally relevant product.

torino fashion week is an event started in 2016 and dedicated to young fashion designers held in torino in the last weeks of june.

fabric represents clothes, bodoni as a symbol for torino, black as one of the timeless color in fashion and a bright green to show the young side of the event.

these are the main ingredients for the poster. the background is a 3d fabric simulation, a distortion of the title of the event; above that, a simple structure of the essential information.

other materials have been proposed as well, using the base elements of the poster as words and phrases of a flexible language.

the infiorata is a traditional event held every year in the city of noto, in sicily. the participants adorn the staircase the leads to the san nicolaci church with colorful petals, arranged to create illustrations.

the proposed poster uses a highly detailed photo of a carnation flower to represent both spain and the floral illustrations. 36 is set in a custom typeface, a special version of didot created to match the elegant look of the flower. the details of the event are then set in bodoni italic with an emphasis on place and date and enclosed in a virtual square at the center of the page.

the poster has been featured on the archivio della grafica italiana.