iis galilei ferrari

identity proposal for a merger between two technical schools the itis enzo ferrari and the ipsia galileo galilei. both high schools are based in torino with a focus on robotics, mechatronics and engineering. 2014

developing a whole language and not a simple logo was essential, because we need to turn away from the misconception that makes clients believe an identity can be built by printing again and again the same symbol. an identity is a complex system, that is made clear over time by applying the same basic rules over and over while communicating.

the main graphic elements for this new language are taken from the circuit board (the connection between hardware and software): the segmented line with the pin and the bright green color.

the logo was developed from a circle, which gives the impression of an open environment, then turned in hexagon, as in mechanics we’re usually dealing with sharp edges, using 3 thick lines with pins at their ends. pins are pointing upwards, just like improving knowledge while learning.

a special version of futura has been designed for the big titles, with a higher x-height to improve legibility from long distances. when long body text is needed, baskerville italic is used, as it’s easier to read than sans-serifs.

green lines with see-through pictures are meant for advertising the school, green images with with lines are for events organized by students while white lines with black and white pictures are for events organized by the school.
a booklet informing families about all the lessons and courses held by the galilei ferrari, with chapters on school rules and events as well.

lines and pins are used in lots of different ways, sometimes they follow photography like in posters, sometimes they’re just shapes that cut other pictures, sometimes they’re the only element showed on a cover, and they can even be used a wayfinding system: just follow the line until you reach the pin.

this always different implementation of lines and pins defines the variation that is essential in every total identity system.

lots of white spaces with some black inserts are used to add contrast and power to the main bright green. since no other school, at least in torino, uses such a clearly defined color scheme, communication material printed by the iis galilei ferrari easily stands out from the crowd and the chaos.

design assistant: morena cavezzale.
classroom and offices signage is consistent with the visual identity and built with modular elements to allow easy modification.