l'altra pino

visual identity, web design and development for an election campaign for the mayorship in pino torinese. 2016

first official invite with the new visual identity and a more detailed invite for a meeting.

blue, usually associated to republican parties in italy: a bright shade of blue to underline the young age of the mayoral candidate. and univers, with lots of grays, to convey a sense of security and quietude.

gone forever are those shadows, gradients, warped text and small illustrations of the old logo. what’s left is a pure geometric form with the only things the matter: the name of the list and the name of the candidate. that’s both easy to understand and easy to remember.

the whole identity is thus based on repetition and small alteration of the same asymmetric layouts, on contrasts between univers light and bold, gray and blue, and the distinctive outline illustrations.

full program
official poster, made with the simplest elements available: a photo of the candidate, a big symbol, a catchphrase, the date of the elections and the web address, nothing more, nothing less. as a result, impact between other cluttered posters is maximized.

the website dedicated to the campaign is as simple as the printed materials. the layout is based on the uniweb to cut down design and development time.

a custom cms has been developed to add small writings, which are then displayed on the home page between the facebook feed. photos for the gallery are taken from the social network as well.

the website has been especially useful to show the biographies of the candidates, raise funds for the campaign and inform visitors about the program.

uniweb made it extremely easy to design and develop the pages of the website at different breakpoints.
headquarters of the list, the sign on one of the busiest roads in pino torinese was a powerful communication tool, even more than the official posters.